In business, you want things fast and efficient. You want to deliver your services at the shortest turnaround time possible. You want new and better ways to reach your customers as well as maintain and satisfy the existing ones. You want your business processes integrated. You want your processes and technologies to work seamlessly.

Whatever your business's pain points are or milestones your business has reached.
You always want to plan ahead. And it all starts with your NEXT MOVE.

Alliance EDGE Business Software is a full business automation suite that gives businesses accurate and real-time data for efficient, maximized, and profit-driven decision-making. This business software helps entrepreneurs manage a business from sales, human resource, finance, marketing, customer relationships, to various IT support services.

Affordable Price Point

Our affordable and flexible pricing scheme lets you choose from our monthly or one-time payment scheme so you can jumpstart your business automation before its too late.


Alliance EDGE Business Software was developed by a 100% Filipino-owned software company so you are assured we understand how things run locally. Most of our software solutions are government-accredited and tested.

Customizable and Upgradable

Every business organization is different so we know that one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work. So we made our systems easily customizable to adapt to your size, needs and budget. You can get core modules and upgrade later, you can have one or have it all.

Strong after Sales Support

Our 200-man strong globally-recognized IT experts can customize systems based on what your company needs and demands. Be assured of reliable support service round-the-clock because we have a dedicated team, the Alliance Professional Services (APS) group to help you wherever your branch maybe, anywhere in the country.


Every Alliance EDGE software can be integrated with each other. Our systems are designed to work together because we know you have to streamline your business processes.

Partnership and Network

Alliance Software Inc., has partnered with industry leaders to help with your automation needs all the way. Work only with the pros from hardware, technology infrastructure to data solutions.

ALLIANCE EDGE BUSINESS SOFTWARE is your next best tool to complete your business strategy. It's time to grow your business with the right tools, right now.
Let’s start your NEXT MOVE today!

It’s time to grow your business with the RIGHT TOOLS, RIGHT NOW!