Digital Advertising, are you ready?

According to a 2005 study by Arbitron and a 2007 study by Forrester Research, almost one-third of shoppers who see in-store displays make purchases. Technology located at the point of sale has been shown to increase sales from 15 to 60 percent.

  • Gone are the days that store operators has to print and distribute printed materials in order to gain foot traffic and push promotions.
  • Forget the fragmented view of consumer to your brand due to inconsistent marketing iniatives.
  • Stop worrying about budget and technology restrictions

Alliance Software Inc. has just released one of its major module for 2013 focused in helping business operators implement global and localized promotion. It's a powerful digital signage tool integrated with WebPOS to convert regular sales transaction into meaningful and informative customer experience. This new module will help deliver consistent message across to your target market may it be for 1 or 1000 outlets.

It's customizable, flexible and can be manage anywhere in the world.

Ads Management Benefits:

  • Happier Customers - An improved customer experience, resulting in longer dwell times and more frequent visits
  • Influence your customers – relay customized marketing messages/promotions across effectively during and after each sales transaction.
  • Improve Brand recall – Heightened perception of store/brand quality
  • Flexible – deliver global or localized marketing campaigns with the option to select which content to play on which location.
  • Upsell – generate revenue by cross-selling and up-selling your products and services
  • Cost effective – no need to invest on a separate technology (infra, server hardware, connectivity)
  • Reduce Printing Cost – lower operation expense by using the same infrastructure of WebPOS
  • Additional Revenue Channel – thru co-branding with partners and vendors

Key Features:

  • Manage from the WebPOS Headquarter System – no separate application needed
  • Customizable – define which ads (image or videos) to play on specific date/time/duration/weekday on which branch/region.
  • Implement multiple Ads – allow creation of multiple ads running simultaneously and forecast start and end time.
  • RSS Integration – allow dynamic information to be fed on Advertisement screen (Google News, Yahoo Weather etc.)
  • Message Broadcast – allow marketing to broadcast custom messages to one or all outlets
  • Auto-Resizes – Adjusts screen based on current POS transactions

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