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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

As the market matures for the coffee industry, the competition and the pressure to cope with the technology and social demand also heats up. In this era where ideas are amplified with a single retweet, status update or simply by sharing a photo – image about a company can spread like wildfire, may it be good or bad for the brand. This is where providing the best coffee experience and customer service become crucial and very important.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf group recently signed up for the upgrade of their existing POS application of all their branches nationwide. This is to address the ever growing demand for expansion and to better serve their customers, not to mention tapping new markets. One of the pain points addressed by the Alliance WebPOS is the ability to transmit sales and inventory information from the branches to the head office in real time and to manage those data on a central server where it can be extracted for marketing, inventory and management key decisions.

More than just a POS, Alliance WebPOS has been in the forefront of research and development. Alliance 200-Man strong software engineers has continued to release new solutions on a quarterly basis to help accelerate revenue and eliminate unnecessary expenses of handling day-to-day business operations. Some of key features are as follows:

  • Franchising module to manage inventory and consolidate sales of multiple companies under a franchise thru a unified and global portal.
  • Price Management Module to support localized and national promotions
  • Upsell Module to maximize upsell and cross selling
  • Ads Management to implement central advertisement distribution
  • Time Card Module to manage and monitor employee attendance centrally
  • Loyalty Module to strengthen brand loyalty and customer experience
  • Mobile POS to empower staffs by allowing them to serve more tables and overall improve order delivery speed.

As part of the current POS deployment, the CBTL group is also moving toward integrating all it's key application with each other to eliminate human error due to manual and time consuming handling of data within it's organization. One of the key benefits of Alliance WebPOS is its openness to adapt and integrate with third party application such as Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Ad Loyalty System. This allows CBTL to better support the need for data transparency and allow end-to-end generation of important and critical information across departments. Today, the CBTL group can save on operation costs, speed up delivery of service to it's internal customers and allow it's branch personnel to focus in providing top of the line products and services to its consumers.

Preparing for the future is never too early specially if your in a dynamic market where consumer demands can easily shift from one brand to another.

About Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines is a Master Franchisee which has already established 54 stores since May of 2003 and has plans to hit the 100th-mark within a couple of years. Walden Chu, CBTL's President has been the driving force behind the success of the its Franchise in the Philippines and the group has continued to expand and win new markets for the ever growing Philippine economy.

About Alliance End-to-End Solution and Alliance WebPOS

Alliance Software, Inc. is a global application development outsourcing company. Established in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the Philippines' largest and most respected independent software development outsourcing company. Alliance's delivery model is anchored on both on-shore and off-shore approach stressing on effective use of our key strengths in our people, process and technology. As part of Alliance’s strategic delivery model, Alliance has established offices in the key markets of Tokyo and Manila.

One of Alliance's product segment is Enterprise Retail Systems (POS) also known asAlliance WebPOS. It is a web-based point of sales system (POS) using Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture to provide centralized hosting allowing you fast and easy access anytime, anywhere. It downloads a very small client footprint that runs natively giving you nice and user friendly experience like other installed application. It can run on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platform providing you maximum saving against unnecessary hardware setup, maintenance and administration cost.

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