(Top Left-Right)
Jerdy Augusto, Business System Analyst Orion Solutions Inc.;
Marvin de Leon, Account Executive Orion Solutions Inc.;
Katherine Ramos, Account Executive Alliance End-to-End Solutions Inc.

(Bottom Left-Right)
Vilma Salvio, Associate General Secretary for Management Services Philippine Bible Society;
Nora Lucero, General Secretary Philippine Bible Society;
Yuen Po Seng, President Orion Solutions Inc;
Ruben Evangelista, Technical Manager Orion Solutions Inc;
Te Jay Luna, Assistant Vice President Alliance End-to-End Solutions Inc.

Alliance Software, Inc. has engaged another major partnership with Orion Solutions, Inc. - the authorized reseller of Epicor 9, one of the top 10 ERP solutions in the world. The first joint project is for the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) which involves PBS’ POS migration to Alliance WebPOS and eventual integration with Epicor 9 to eliminate the need for manual consolidation of front-end to back-end transactions.

Philippine Bible Society (PBS) offers inspirational reading materials in 5 branches spread across Manila and 1 in Cebu. They previously used a POS software from a foreign provider which did not allow them to access real-time data. This has caused delays for PBS in terms of responding to business issues related to sales and financial control. Their growing business also needed relevant and cost-effective technical support which their previous provider could not address appropriately.

Migration to Alliance WebPOS resolves these concerns. Owners can view real-time sales and inventory of all 6 branches in a single screen anytime, anywhere using any web browser. They can easily evaluate the performance of and give equal focus to each branch without using so much of their time. Strategy formulation and response to business fluctuations will now be faster and more effective using up-to-date data. While competing shops are still collating inputs, PBS can already create promotions designed to meet the ongoing demand. Because of cloud technology, software issues can be managed remotely. Downtime is not a concern since there is no need to wait for an on-site visit to carry out the troubleshooting. Moreover, the software will never become outdated because of automatic updates available. With Alliance WebPOS, savings now come in for both time and money.

To optimize the business of PBS, Alliance WebPOS will be linked to Epicor 9 using web service for a direct and rigid application-to-application integration. They can now do away with gathering data manually and crunching these inputs tediously into another program. Data from front-end will automatically become entries for back-end reports such as financial statements. This will now result to data accuracy plus lesser manpower and time requirement to consolidate data. This automation also allows the owners to focus more on making business strategies rather than worrying about transactional details.

With this partnership, WebPOS has reached new heights in providing optimum solutions for businesses of today.

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