ENGINEERS. Shown in photo are (from right) Japan-based Alliance Software engineers Brian, Fritz, Aiko and Joseph Bryan.

ALLIANCE Software Inc., a global software development company, offered its employees an opportunity to improve their skills by launching the "Alliance Project Management Training Program."

Under the program, promising employees are trained in the project management and technical areas, such as Java and Linux, and Nihongo (up to Level 1 proficiency) that would make them project leaders based on the demands of the information technology market in Japan.

The trainees will also undergo immersion in critical projects that will lead to acceleration of their technical career.

The program gives employees a higher chance of going to Japan and get overseas experiences, thile at the same time, interacting with the clients.

"Alliance Project Management Program paved the way for my career to keep on growing. It also gave me the opportunity to come here to Japan and work with Japanese people. It was a great chance to experience things that I can only try while being here and most importantly, the program taught me how to be independent and make decisions by myself," said Brian, a technical specialist who joined the company in 2010.

For more information about the program, one may contact Alliance by visiting or

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