L-R: Tom Angelo Clemente, Aime Amor Bacus, Sherwin Yu and Kodai Hino

The Alliance family is happy to announce that one of its members has brought pride once again to the company in the person of Aime Amor Bacus. She won the 2nd place in Open division in the Nihongo Speech Contest at SM City Cebu last Feb 1, 2014.

Below is the winning piece of Aime in English translation:


Everyone of us have different kind of personalities.
There are two kinds of people in the world.
One is a pessimist and the other is optimist.
Pessimists always think on negative side of everything while optimists see everything positively.

I grew up to be a pessimist.
Everything that pops up in my mind are negative thoughts.
My brain is full of "What ifs?" "What if this will not work?, "What if they don't like it? and the like.
I always see the possible negative results of everything I'm doing instead of expecting the possible outcome.

Whenever something went wrong everything about me, I get upset and it leads to depression.
I don't like to eat, go out and even talk. I punish myself. I believe I am not worthy with any beautiful things because I screwed up.

Early last year, I struggled with some tasks in my work.
Everything I did ends up negatively.
I kept on repeating my work and was so unproductive.

I couldn't sleep at night thinking what went wrong.
And then one day I decided I don't want to be like this anymore.
I want a change. I didn't know how but I know I could change everything.

I was searching for the answer and then I was enlightened.
Everything bad happens to me was because of my negative thoughts. I am attracting them.
I keep entertaining them into my life.

I realized I am the one controlling my brain and so with my thoughts.
whenever I started thinking negatively, I changed my thoughts instantly and focus on the things that make me smile.

It is not an easy process changing myself but feeling thankful for everything I have helped me.
I started myself acknowledging the things I have and are thankful for them.

I bought a notebook which I made as my gratitude journal.
Everyday, I write the things that I am thankful for for that day like having a good health, completion of my tasks, etc.

I also used to write the list of the things I want to have and accomplished. I read the list almost everyday and it always brings smile to face.

I also learned to become a dreamer. I visualize myself with the things I like, events I want to happen and the self I want to be.

And now I can't help but notice wonderful changes in my life. I am now happy and loving life.

Life's purpose is to be happy. So why go against it?
Choose to be happy and everything will come into place.

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