The Alliance Software Inc. (ASI) recently signed a pact with University of San Jose Recoletos (USJ-R) and University of Cebu, in an effort to further realized its mission of providing quality computer science and information technology education to its partner schools. Both schools together with ASI have agreed to take on an industry-academe linkage program to further establish and enhance both schools' Computer Science and Information Technology curriculum.

Robert Cheng, the President and CEO of ASI, emphasized the program will focus more on the expectations from the students when they work based on a client's expectation in terms of their output and the team. Through this, the program will hone student's technical skills to raise competitiveness among the ASEAN neighbors especially with the advent of globalization.

With specialized courses that integrate Japanese Bridge Software Engineering, Project management, and Japanese Language and work into the school's curriculum, students get a higher employment opportunity particularly in Japanese companies.

"With China and Vietnam as our main competitors, we seek to raise the bar by merging foreign curricula and practices with our local counterparts to maximize our workforce talents," said Cheng. Through collaborating research and developments, trainings, curriculum review and enhancement, and faculty-employee immersion exchanges, the step aims to integrate industry standards into Computer Science and Information Technology.

Alliance Software, Inc., one of the few Filipino-owned and home-grown Cebuano company, has been providing innovative and cost-effective IT solutions for the past 14 years. With its recent partnership with universities, the company's short and long term goal is definitely within grasp in the next few years. The agreement which was implemented last November 2014 is valid for three years.

As President Cheng have put it, Cebu is ripe for advanced technological and linguistic programs, but one way to sow it first is to partner with the academe.

- Araceli Bongo Adlawon

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