On a beautiful and sun shiny afternoon of August 31, 2017, the CIT University Leadership team composed of Engr. Bernard Nicolas Villamor, President, Mr. John Gregory Escario, Vice President for Administration, Dean Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana, Dean of the College of Computer Studies, and Dr. Larmie Feliscuzo, Chair of the IT Department visited the office of Alliance Software, Inc. This was their first time to visit the company’s new office and location. Alliance has been instrumental and the institution’s partner in honing their computer students’ industry readiness since 2013 through the company’s Bridge and Near Hire program.

Team CIT wanted to visit the 86 alumni who are currently part of the Alliance family. This is to reinforce their partnership and to extend their warmest greetings and best wishes to all its alumni.

Front Row Seated: Robert J. Cheng (Alliance-CEO/President), Engr. Bernard Nicolas Villamor (President), Mr. John Gregory Escario (Vice President for Administration), Dean Cherry Lyn Sta. Romana (Dean of the College of Computer Studies), Dr. Larmie Feliscuzo (Chair of IT Department) and Mr. Sherwin D. Yu (Alliance-COO).

Mr. Cheng opening the mini-event.

Engr. Villamor delivering the message from the university.

During a short program, Alliance gathered majority of the CIT University alumni to meet and listen to the encouraging words from both Alliance and CIT University’s Leadership. In turn, members of the alumni also had the opportunity to express their gratitude to their mentors and the university that shaped them. It was an afternoon full of laughter, reminiscing, sentimental and inspiring look back both with the visitors and the alumni.

CIT University, in collaboration with Alliance programs, has produced numerous quality graduates with most now are part of the leadership team in Alliance. In the years to come and with the strong bond between the two entities, CITU and Alliance are confident that they will continue to produce more successful students who are future-ready leaders of the IT industry.

About Alliance Software Inc.

Alliance Software, Inc. is one of the Philippines' largest independent Filipino software development and business solutions company.

Alliance Software, Inc. is a global IT services and solutions company. Alliance was established in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the Philippines' largest and most respected independent software development outsourcing company. Alliance's delivery model is anchored on both on-shore and off-shore approach stressing on effective use of our key strengths in our people, process and technology. As part of Alliance’s strategic delivery model, Alliance have established offices in the key markets of Tokyo, Cebu and Manila.

URL: www.alliance.com.ph

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