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Alliance initiates Trond Training

To develop and improve skills for core leadership to manage global teams across cultures and learn how to do business especially in one of its main markets, Japan, Alliance started its Trond training last February 27 and concluded in July 16.

Written By: Araceli Adlawon October 21, 2018

Trond which came from the word Tron’r, an Old Norse word, means to grow and to thrive. Ten senior managers from different business units were given the chance to undergo the enrichment training. They were Mei Joy Rosas (ASJ), Aime Amor Bacus (ASJ), Aimee Tan (ASJ), Loraine Boyles (ASJ), Sly Lopez (ASJ), Annalie Miñoza (ASJ), Geo Paolo Najarro (ASJ), Yoshida Naotaka (JOC), Daniel Jared Yap (ASJ) and Jerrell Arreza (JOC). Through this training, Alliance aimed to hone the chosen participants on leadership development rather than managerial development and learn their differences.

Trond Training

Develop Core Leadership Skills

Japan is one of the main markets for Alliance, accounting for around 60% of the group’s business. The training is designed to help increase sales and provide even better service to its Japanese clients—thereby further strengthening its position in this important market.

The training is also designed to help further develop core leadership skills among the senior management group, and particularly help develop the knowledge and skills for managing across cultures, including concepts and frameworks for doing so—based on the latest research and best global practices.

Another set of the training will be provided for A-Team members and a second phase for the participants for this year. The former will be following an improved outline while another half-year of leadership reinforcement training will be provided for the latter.