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The Alliance Black and Gold Gala 2018: A Thanksgiving Party

The night of December 1st was all it took for Alliance Software, Inc. to feel the holiday spirit. To put it simply, it was a memorable night full of games, dancing, music, laughter and cheer. Everyone wore their best suits, gowns and smiles caught in pictures.

Written By: Steffi Nolido December 26, 2018

Stealing the show were the party’s Dapper Gent: Maron Kenneth Dionisio, and Female of the Night: Portia Clariz Quijano, who both turned heads at the party with their outfit interpretation of the theme.

As a friendly competition, different business units presented their own modern cotillion blending the past into the present and injecting their own creativity into their Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos. Each had done their best despite the busy schedules worthy of the applause given.

“This year’s Dapper Gent and Female of the Night”

The Black and Gold Gala

Alliance held its Thanksgiving Party in Maayo Hotel last December 1, 2018. It was themed: The Black and Gold Gala.

This year, ROW bagged Best in Modern Cotillion who danced with their very own Black and Gold costume. They came on stage loud and proud. Talents were everywhere as after dancing, singing was involved.

Alliance had their very own “I Can See Your Voice” where Annalou Lim stood last, our winner. With that said, she was, indeed, a singer.

“I Can See Your Voice Winner: Annalou Lim”