IT Services / Software Factory

Alliance provides high quality software development services at reasonable costs through our on-shore Bridge Engineering service and proven off-shore Development processes.

Application Development Outsourcing

  • Custom made software development work based on mature software development life cycle process.
  • Availability of Bridge Engineering Services for Japan based clients.
  • Expertise in Java, PHP, C#, .Net, MySQL, Android and iOS.

Application Management Services

  • Continuous Features enhancement, performance improvement, and over-all system maintenance and quality assurance.
  • System security assessment, monitoring, and assurance.

IT Infrastructure Support

  • Redefine digital experience for your company or your customers while maximizing the benefits of cloud computing.
  • Wide range of business support services designed to enhance efficiency and over-all service delivery performance.
  • Includes services such as network performance monitoring, technical support, production support and documentation services.

Quality Assurance and Test Process Outsourcing

  • Offers high-end process oriented Quality Assurance (QA) services for third party applications.
  • Test plan development and implementation, thorough testing procedures and documentation of results.

System and Application Documentation Services

  • Comprehensive source code analysis for undocumented software applications.
  • Provides documentations in English and Japanese.

UX Design Services

  • High quality UX design
  • Offers design templates for ease of UI implementation and maintenance.
  • Includes design services for web pages, Mobile Applications and IT documents/manuals.

Technical Skill Set

In the pursuit of our goal to continue being a globally competitive software development and solutions company, we continue to improve our knowledge and abilities needed to accomplish computer-related complexities and other tasks relating to technology.

Strong Adherence to Quality

  • Input and Output Design - Screen Design, Prototyping
  • Logic, Network, Database Design
  • Structured Analysis and Design - DFD, Structure Charts
  • OO Analysis and Design - UML

Development Language

  • JAVA – J2SE, J2EE, (JSP, BEAN, EJB, Struts/Spring)
  • Javascript / AJAX / JSON / XML
  • PHP / PERL
  • .NET / VB / VC++ / VB.Net / COM / C# / C++
  • Adobe Air / Flex / Flash
  • IOS Objective C / Android
  • Lotus Notes / Domino Designer / PowerBuilder
  • UWP
  • Python

Quality Assurance & Deployment

  • TFS - DevOps
  • JUnit
  • Selenium
  • Test Link
  • Lighthouse
  • JMeter


  • Win7, Win8, Win 10
  • RH / LINUX / CentOS
  • iOS / Android

Application Server

  • Windows Server
  • IIS
  • FTP
  • SMTP
  • Glassfish payara
  • Apache Tomcat
  • WampServer


  • JQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, Knockout
  • JavaServer Faces
  • Xamarin
  • ASP.Net
  • Liferay7
  • JUnit
  • Odoo 10.0
  • Cocoa Touch
  • EntityFramework
  • Selenium
  • Slim Framework